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Baby Food

If I was born around 150 years ago
I may not have made it to age 2
I would have dunked in the water
Unable to swim
Alligators nipping at my toes
And then devising I was good enough to consume
Babies have pain receptors
But they do not have words
black babies had nothing.
at least a white baby automatically had standing.
but if you were black you were one of three things:
1. brought up to be a field nigger
2. brought up to be a house nigger
or 3. dropped to be food for the hungry alligators
so they could get used to the taste of darker meat
and knew what to look for when hungry.
We dont talk about that in this country.
We dont talk about a lot of things in this country.
We need to talk about it
instead of brushing it under the rug
giving it a time stamp
and pretending
that 150 years is a long time.



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One thought on “Baby Food

  1. I’m white and i 100% agree. totally swept under the carpet in an effort to see everyone as one, as equal. we aren’t equal, in the sense that we have different histories which have influenced the way our groups have developed, the privilege and power they continue to have, everywhere in the world.


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