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I Wanted to Be White

A very personal piece about my journey into becoming a black woman.

Rose Water Magazine

When I was younger, I was constantly teased for my character, my voice, my personality, and my skin tone. I went to an all-black elementary school and I did not understand what anyone meant when they were calling me an “Oreo,” or that I sounded white. I was not aware of the distinction between the two. I had rarely been around people that weren’t black. When I went to middle school and the racial percentages changed, the teasing did not. As a budding adolescent, the bullying and verbal assaults damaged my psyche and identity greatly; I wanted to be white.

I believed that white was powerful and that it was beautiful. In my experience, white people have always been better off; they have had more money, better clothes, better cars, better homes, their children were smarter and were offered more educational opportunities – something I now define as white privilege…

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