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Father’s Nightmare or Nah?

My thoughts on a tweet that sparked a walkout

Rose Water Magazine

Prom is a major event in high school life. However according to Amy Strickland, the assistant principle at Booker T. Washington High school, young black men should not have white dates.  On twitter,  Strickland referred to a picture of seven white young women in formal dresses accompanied by seven black young men in tuxedos as a “nightmare” for the young women’s fathers.  The caption: “Every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare or nah?”

The comment was made in early June but students have only recently seen it. Over a dozen of the African American students in the school have walked out with protest signs because officials did not listen to their complaints. One of the students, Michael Lemelle, said “This was the only actual way we could get someone’s attention, was to walk outside. It shouldn’t have come to this, but [the administrator has] avoided all meetings and public speakings and emails, just…

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