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Upon the decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson who shot unarmed teenager Mike Brown, the hashtag #blacklivesmatter has reappeared all over social networking sites. The hashtag originally started with the unjust killing of teen Trayvon Martin, and with each new black life unfairly lost, it comes up again. The hashtag is a call to action or reaction against the perpetrators of the crime. However another hashtag that seems to be taking the center of attention away from #blacklivesmatter has appeared. That hashtag is #alllivesmatter.
Although all lives do matter, it is imperative that #alllivesmatter stops and #blacklivesmatter is the main hashtag when discussing events such as what’s happening in Ferguson, the Eric Garner case, John Crawford, Tamir Rice and many more black lives lost. #alllivesmatter takes that attention away. It has already been proven that white lives matter; they have been running the world for centuries. It is now…

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