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dear ashley,

you are not unclean.
you have been peppered
with experiences
not everyone goes through
and you have pushed
past, exploding
into particles
everyone can digest
but still growing
into your own.
do not apologize
for taking up space
blocking blackboards
with your hair
being angry at injustice.
you are not just there.
you are everywhere
and your words are worth
something. you should not
give up because you are
not liked. risk being
unliked. you are
beautiful either way

dearest ashley
you touch more than you
know, just as others have
touched you. now you must do
shoot for what you want
forget obligation
focus on dreams
poetry, passion your power.
it is not on you
to change the world.
be a part of it.
see what it wants of you
let it be.



Poet, Writer, Editor

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