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I like to torture myself

Hey everybody,

So remember that writing challenge I did in April? That 30 poems in 30 days thing? Well guess who’s doing it again in August? Me! I’m going to try to write 31 poems in 31 days as part of Zoetic Press’ Write Like You’re Alive Challenge. This is year number 2 for me with this challenge of theirs, and I am super excited. Maybe this can switch my rejections to acceptances and my lack of motivation to overdrive.

I also am planning of submitting an application to the Submerging Writer fellowship. Can’t hurt anything can it? The deadline for that is… relatively soon, but I have most pieces put together, so I can make it!

By August 31st, I will have:

  • Written at least 25 new poems/scenes
  • Applied to Fear No Lit’s Submerging Writer Fellowship
  • Finished my second summer of successfully teaching creative writing classes to little ones
  • Fleshed out some more scenes in FYMBF
  • Edited my chapbook (though it’s not in my hands anymore, so I’m hoping August for that too)

Sounds like a lot, but I think I can do it. Wish me luck (and send prompts) y’all!



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3 thoughts on “I like to torture myself

  1. Write a poem about/based on your favorite mythological creature, fairy tale, or some kind of fantasy.


      1. You seem like you could use something light hearted to write about for once. Have fun!


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