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Over halfway there!

It is day 17 out of 31.  I have completed (first drafts anyways) of 16 pieces so far this month, 15 of which are all brand new poems! The one other piece is a continuation of my memoir, For You My Best Friend.

This kind of effort excites me. It makes me believe I can do anything I put effort into, and honestly, it’s not as hard as it sounded. Maybe it’s because I’ve done this a couple of times before, so I know I can do it, but still, I am ecstatic. I am well on my goal to at least 25 new pieces of writing.

In case you’ve forgotten, I had the following four main goals in my control:

  • Write at least 25 new poems/scenes
  • Applied to Fear NO Lit’s Submerging Writer Fellowship
  • Finished my second summer of successfully teaching creative writing classes to little ones
  • Fleshed out some more scenes in FYMBF

I am proud to report the following:

  • I have 16 poems/scenes so far, which means only 9 (9!!!!) left out of 25. I might push myself and do 30, but we’ll see!
  • I applied to the Submerging Writer Fellowship (July 31)
  • I successfully completed my summer with a perfect observation of teaching and an almost perfect overall feedback score. I had amazing scholars, and it was great to get them out of their shells, writing and reading their pieces to audiences proudly. (8/11)
  • I’ve done a little fleshing out, but hey, it’s not the end of August yet, so I still have some time 🙂

Keeping positive and staying around positive people really helps my productivity.

Wonder what’s next for me? Wanna make sure I follow through with my goals? Make sure you follow me!



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