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On that 31 in 31…

August is over, and September is here. Time for a new school year and more learning and growing opportunities. I am excited for the simple fact of being able to be in spaces where I can learn from different teachers and kids. Each day I am in a building, I am absolutely humbled. Our kids are our future, and being an educator I still have the opportunity to learn with them and from them. I may not be a full-time teacher – yet! – but I enjoy everything that comes with the beginning of school.

But you aren’t reading this to hear me rant about kids and my excitement for the upcoming school year; you want to know how I did. I will list my goals for August one last time, then share my progress on them.


  • Write at least 25 new poems/scenes
  • Apply for Fear No Lit’s Submerging Writer Fellowship
  • Successfully finish my second summer of teaching creative writing to little ones
  • Fleshed out some more scenes in FYMBF

End Results:

  • I wrote 31 new poems and 1 continuation of a scene
  • I applied for Fear No Lit’s Fellowship
  • I completed my teaching summer with a perfect observation score and and almost perfect (47/48 if I’m remembering numbers correctly) score
  • I only fleshed out one scene of FYMBF, but that scene is strong and emotionally charged, leading into even more scenes, so I’ll take what I can get. (Plus 31 poems in 31 days – that’s a feat in itself! I’m not sure how/why I thought I could do both)

All in all, I didn’t do too bad. I have new material and new vision, new expectations, for my memoir. At first, I didn’t think I could accomplish this goal. Last year, I believe I ended up with 26 pieces. That’s not bad, but it wasn’t where I wanted it to be. In my personal 30 in 30 in April, I ended up with 28 out of 30. Again, not bad, but it was closer.

This year, completing 31 poems, I feel incredibly accomplished and blessed. I am realizing I have talent and drive. I am realizing that emotions can start to take a backseat, and I can become more objective in my work. I also realize that inspiration doesn’t always come find you; you have to go out there and seek it.



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