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It’s been a while

Hi everybody! it’s been such a long time since I’ve updated y’all. Well…. Here goes!

I’ve been doing….a lot of nothing. That’s not fair. What I mean is I’ve been doing a low of working and very little writing. With two jobs and my own business, I’ve abrely been scribbling on napkins, jotting notes in my phone, and doing free writes with my kids before their ELA lesson for the evening, but nothing concrete has really come.

I have gotten this poem published (Trigger warning for sexual assault, childhood sexual assault), and I will be getting a love poem published in Memoir Mixtape’s B-side for Volume Three.

I’m still looking for a press to pick up my manuscript and I am considering revising several of the pieces therein to make it better, easier to read and understand while keeping the rawness of black history and current events. Considering the juxtaposition on then vs now on the same page spread, but I’m still thinking about it. If it’s not picked up, then major revisions are going to happen. It’s daunting but still exciting.

In addition to poetry, I’m also writing some nonfiction/memoir stuff. I’m not focused on it, but when I do write for it, I just need to make sure that I write my truth regardless of who it may potentially hurt.

I’m doing what I can to get by. I’m still here, still breathing, just a little quieter.



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